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From these parts. Like to: surf, hang out with my dog, meditate, cycle, do a bit of yoga, get out of the city ... and other stuff.

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Camping, improv, radical politics, organizing, Sunny's folks jam, fried egg sandwiches, tattoos. Not looking for hook ups.

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I like candy and impromptu road trips (preferably together). I live in the city, but thrive in the wilderness.

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The one who is afraid of heights but won't miss the view. Love trying new things! Let's learn salsa, eat weird food or go fencing...cuz why not?!

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I'm only here to judge you... Tribal tattoos or strategically posed selfies showing off your man muscles need not apply, in fact, go kick rocks....

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Keen to go hiking, to go on road trips, chill out with a movie or some video games on the couch. Looking for one of the good guys.

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